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Agile User Interface Definition

for Software, Web & Mobile Apps and Health applications

Who we Are

At MED-Usability we are experts in our field for more than 20 years.

Creating user-friendly Mobile, Web and Software-Application works by using proven methods right from the beginning.

It´s team-work and means gaining knowledge by asking people who are actually using the application in clinical and public health environments or patients or health-conscious people themselves.

Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a systematic, human-centered approach to solving complex problems within all aspects of life. The approach goes far beyond traditional concerns such as shape and layout. And unlike traditional scientific and engineering approaches, which address a task from the view of technical solvability,  user needs and requirements as well as user-oriented invention are central to the process.  

User Experience & Usability

This approach calls for continuous feedback between the developer of a solution and the target users. Design Thinkers step into the end users’ shoes – not only interviewing them, but also carefully observing their behaviors. Solutions and ideas are concretized and communicated in the form of prototypes as early as possible, so that potential users can test them and provide feedback – long before the completion or launch. In this way, Design Thinking generates practical results.

Prototyping -
Cross Media & device Management

Today it´s more important than ever to make your data available on the best channel where to reach your costumer how he wants to be reached. Mobile, Web, Social Media, TV, Print, personally – User Experience doesn´t stop with the User Interface.

User Tests & Feedback Cycles

We use Interviews, Field studies, Focus Groups and Expert Feedback to Screendesigns to improve applications until best results are proven.


Besides our own team we work with well known partners for large scale projects, who are organised in agile development teams delivering reliable and secure software.

"Scientific, but at the same time the process is creative, inspiring and delivers solid results for defining your most valued user, customer or patients needs."
Eva-Maria Michelcic
UX Expert & Design Thinker & IT Manager

Usability Engineering in medical and health environments

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AGILe UX Management

Defining User Stories and adapting costumer needs according new findings through continuous live testing helps staying ahead of your competitors.

OUR Process and Service

Workshops measurable results

In our creative workshops we use constructive methods and step by step guides to enhance peoples problem solution and innovation design skills.

Exploring user needs

Global thinkers, deliver global connected solutions for your costumers and their specific needs regarding cultural, personal and emotional needs.

Your goal is our goal

Empathy is the key. We truly want to understand your needs, to deliver solutions for your problems and support you reaching your specific goals.

IT Professionals

Working only with professionals and graduates from digitally oriented universities, we guarantee solid, reliable results.

Communication & Tools

Agile tools like JIRA, Slack, Kanban, Online Team- and Task management makes transparent who the workload is successfully resolved.

Easy to use interface

If we understand the users real life problem and offer a solid solution, suitable to fix his or her demands in an fast and effective way, we can build and design User Interfaces that deserve being called supporting, assisting and making daily routines easier.

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